About Dread Love, about You!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling that I get when a client comes to me and is dissatisfied with their hair, whether it’s the colour, cut or dreads that are not well done, and I get to fix it for them. When you can fix someone’s hair, you help to repair their self esteem, and I am so blessed to be able to help people on their path to feeling good about themselves. At Dread Love, I offer a very unique and comfortable experience. You get one on one, private, judgement free time where I will give you the locks, colour or cut of your dreams. My space is full of colour and positivity, and I love getting to know new people as well as dishing gossip with regular clients. I have almost 15 years of experience as a hairstylist and loctician.

I’m originally from Moncton New Brunswick, I became licensed there at Chez Bernard Beauty Academy in 2002, and moved to Toronto in May of 2004. In 2004 I met Karen Wallington who owned Pretty Eclectic on Queen street West at the time. I worked there for a few months, picking up valuable dreadlocking skills. When Pretty Eclectic closed I worked at a few different salons in the city until 2007 when I rejoined Karen at Knot just Dreads and became co owner of the best Dreadlock salon in North America. While there I became an instructor through Knotty Boy in Vancouver, training several students in the art of Dreadlocks.

Now I am the sole proprietor of Dread Love. A one on one, private, judgement free Dreadlock studio in downtown Toronto. I have developed a product line by the name of Mermaid’s Tail, a dreadlock tightener made from imported Atlantic Ocean water, aloe and essential oils. Now available with coconut oil for a more moisturizing effect. There is also a Mermaid’s tail curl enhancer.

I welcome you!