I LOVE the new studio at 136 Lauder ave!

New Studio
New Studio

I’m so happy with Dread Love’s new home! The energy is fresh and clean and inspiring! the space used to be a mechanic’s shop and now it’s a dreadlock shop, I love this about Toronto! I seem to use the word Love a lot, and it’s because it’s what I’m feeling, for my work and for all of you. I find myself smiling more because I get to live my truth and make the dreads and help people to feel beautiful and powerful. What more could a person as for?

Dread Love is moving to 136 Lauder ave on Sunday, February 12th 2017!!!


Hey everyone, Dread Love is movin’on up in the world and will soon be in a cute little store front at 136 Lauder ave on February 12th! We’ve painted the whole place a lovely and relaxing blue! I’m so happy to be able to share this with you. So if you have an appointment anytime after the 12th, it will be at 136 Lauder ave. Nearest intersection is Lauder and St. Clair! Check out the new, empty blue studio! Soon to be full of dreadheads, and love laughter and creativity and even more colour!! Can’t wait!!! We will still be offering private services by appointment only. The privacy will still be there, it just won’t be in a basement anymore! See you all soon!

Second ever Dread Love party!

The second ever Dread Love Party at Point Bar was a huge success!!!

I had the idea for these parties about a year ago when I did a photo shoot with eight of my clients. All had very different lifestyles, ethnicities and backgrounds. Their one commonality was dreadlocks. I was curious how the day would go because each person was so different. In the morning, everyone was a bit quiet, but as the day went on, I was delighted to see the smiles and hear the laughter in the room, everyone was having a blast and making friends! They were having conversations about dreadlocks, and also about their lives! The next day I noticed on Facebook that they had all added each other and were commenting and liking each other’s posts. The idea was born. I can help people. It’s very difficult to make friends as adults. As children, it’s easy, but as adults there are so few opportunities to form new friendship connections. I saw a way to fix this. The people that I invited to the parties already had two things in common, their love of dreads, and they knew me.

My clients have often shared with me that they can tend to be introverted. I also know that many dreadheads can find themselves alone in their dreadlock journey with no one to compare with, or talk to about their locks. Dreadheads don’t always know other dreadheads. With all the prejudices and judgements about the hairstyle and lifestyle, this can be very lonely. I decided to change that. Introverts, extroverts, dreadheads and dreadhead supporters all under one roof! It’s a truly magical thing! So many people came out to show support, many came alone, but everyone left with fuller hearts and new friends, not to mention some new hair tips! I’m doing my best to build a real life dreadlocks community! There are many online communities, so ever the rebel, I decided to go the uncommon route and get people together in the same place, in a safe space. Eye to eye contact has never been more important in this world. Defying social norms and coming to a gathering of like minded souls! I feel so blessed that I’m in a position to be able to do this. Oh and there are prizes, really cool prizes donated from different sources including Exploding Kittens from Snakes and Lattes!!! If you’re interested in attending a Dread Love Party, email me at hello@dreadlove.net or find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/dreadlovekrista

The Truth About Dreadlocks.

Krista working
Never before has there been a more controversial way to wear one’s hair. Dreadlocks are a way for people to look on the outside the way that they feel on the inside. Often when people decide that it’s time to lock their hair, it’s reflective of a personal journey. As the dreadlocks mature and reach their various stages and phases, so does the person, reaching checkpoints on theirs. What can sometimes begin as a fashion choice will soon become something far more beautiful and spiritual. People lock their hair for many reasons, and all of those reasons are as unique as each dreadlock on their head. And they are all right. Dreadlocks are not only for a specific religion or race; dreadlocks are for those who have been called to them. Dreadlocks transcend race, religion and politics. Dreadlocks are reflective of one’s soul, and everyone who wears them is worthy.

Dreadlocks Toronto

Dread Love is the place to come to for dreadlocks in Toronto. Many would say Dread Love is synonymous with dreadlocks Toronto! Krista’s heart and soul lies in her work and she is thrilled to be able to share it with you. When you come to get your locks, she fulfills your dreams of becoming a dreadhead, and she also gives you her time and her heart. You will leave with a new set of dreadlocks, and a new friend. You become a part of the Dread Love Community. The relationship does not end when you leave the studio — she’s there for you during all the good times and the bad. She encourages correspondence, and loves to hear about the awesome comments as well as being happy to answer any questions you may have. “It looks a lot better than I thought it would,” is a common thing most people hear from their moms after having their hair locked by Krista Pettipas!!! We all just smile and think “of course!”

About Dread Love, about You!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling that I get when a client comes to me and is dissatisfied with their hair, whether it’s the colour, cut or dreads that are not well done, and I get to fix it for them. When you can fix someone’s hair, you help to repair their self esteem, and I am so blessed to be able to help people on their path to feeling good about themselves. At Dread Love, I offer a very unique and comfortable experience. You get one on one, private, judgement free time where I will give you the locks, colour or cut of your dreams. My space is full of colour and positivity, and I love getting to know new people as well as dishing gossip with regular clients. I have almost 15 years of experience as a hairstylist and loctician.

I’m originally from Moncton New Brunswick, I became licensed there at Chez Bernard Beauty Academy in 2002, and moved to Toronto in May of 2004. In 2004 I met Karen Wallington who owned Pretty Eclectic on Queen street West at the time. I worked there for a few months, picking up valuable dreadlocking skills. When Pretty Eclectic closed I worked at a few different salons in the city until 2007 when I rejoined Karen at Knot just Dreads and became co owner of the best Dreadlock salon in North America. While there I became an instructor through Knotty Boy in Vancouver, training several students in the art of Dreadlocks.

Now I am the sole proprietor of Dread Love. A one on one, private, judgement free Dreadlock studio in downtown Toronto. I have developed a product line by the name of Mermaid’s Tail, a dreadlock tightener made from imported Atlantic Ocean water, aloe and essential oils. Now available with coconut oil for a more moisturizing effect. There is also a Mermaid’s tail curl enhancer.

I welcome you!

About Me – Krista Pettipas

I’ve been a hairstylist since 2001. I first began my career in Moncton, N.B. at Chez Bernard Beauty Academy, where I did my original training.

The biggest reasons that I wanted to be able to be a hairstylist were because I wanted to be in charge of my own destiny as well as be able to help other people feel and look beautiful. I’ve always known that if you feel good, you look good, and vice versa. I had no idea back then what this career choice would do for me and for so many others that I’ve been blessed to be able to work with. There’s no greater joy than having someone hug you with tears in their eyes, telling you that you’ve saved their self-esteem. I didn’t know that would happen, regularly. I didn’t know that this would change my life and show me the beauty in the world through the people whose hair I’m working on. I didn’t know how incredibly fulfilling this career would be on so many levels.

Krista Pettipas

I moved to Toronto in 2004 and started working at a really cool and really different hair salon on Queen street West called Pretty Eclectic. I learned a lot in the three months that I worked there about the world of business and about dreadlocking. After Pretty Eclectic, I moved on to the ever crazy House of Lords on Yonge street for almost 3 years. There, I learned to make everything out of nothing. I learned to hustle, and still be able to make my clients smile. Many of those clients still come to see me to this day! That place was interesting to say the least, and made me very strong.

When it was time to leave House of Lords, I joined forces with Karen Wallington at Knot Just Dreads on Bathurst street. One year later she asked me to become her legal partner and co-owner of Knot Just Dreads. I was overjoyed. I even became a teacher/instructor for Knotty Boy, teaching mad dread skills to eager students from around the world. I was half of Knot Just Dreads for seven years. Recently, Karen and I decided to move in different directions, so…

Now, I welcome you to Dread Love. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this baby, and I’m so happy to be able to provide you with a beautiful, safe, completely private, and judgement-free environment to have your dreadlocks made, maintained and loved. Anyone who’s ever been in my chair knows that I’m always willing to listen to your stories, and I genuinely care about you and your lives, not just your hair. The relationship does not end when you leave my studio. I’m always just an email away for any questions that you may have., whether it be about your maintenance, asking “is this normal?” or just letting me know how awesome everyone thinks your new locks are! I love hearing from you!

Dread Love is beautiful, welcoming and completely attitude free!

I can’t wait to see you!

Krista Pettipas, Loctician, hairsylist, Dread Maker, Dread Wizard.