Why can’t I have my deposit back if I cancel my appointment?

Deposits are not refundable but may be transferable based on the situation. Deposits ensure that clients will show up to their appointment, or they cover the cost of supplies such as extenders which are non-refundable.

Why does it cost so much? There are people on Craigslist who say they will dread my hair for $20!

You get what you pay for.

Why is it that I can only book an appointment via email or the appointment form if I have your phone number? Why can’t I just call you to book?

I don’t book appointments by phone because I need to have a record of all communications with my clients. Also, I charge by the hour, so I don’t have time to answer my phone while working with someone who is paying me for my time. Phone number is for emergencies only.

Why do I have to pay a missed appointment fee if I’ve missed an appointment?

Missed appointment fees are charged only if you simply don’t show up for your appointment without cancelling within 48 hours. I work based on time and if you don’t show up for your appointment, that means that I could have taken another client. By not cancelling your appointment, you are wasting Dread Love’s time and money.

How do I care for my new dreadlocks?


  • Wait at least two weeks before washing your new dreadlocks. When washing your new locks, concentrate only on your scalp, you don’t need to scrub the actual dreadlocks.
  • Be sure to always wash your locks in the morning, so that they have all day to dry. Create a lather in your hands in the shower with your shampoo, then gently scrub your scalp. Rinse well. (Original formula Head and Shoulders is actually wonderful for dreadlocks. It  dries out your locks and keeps your scalp itch free!)
  • When drying your dreadlocks, Sunshine is the best way, when that is not possible,use a large towel or a shamoy and squeeze out the water, Never rub vigorously.
  • Keep your locks separated, run your fingers through the sections daily and snap any stray loose hairs that have tried to mate with their neighbour! This will prevent your locks from growing together. Snapping of a couple of hairs here and there will save you a great deal or pain and money in the long run!
  • Wax your new locks either every day or every other day for the first month, then re-assess frequency!
  • Palm roll as much as possible, at least every day for the first month.

Do Not

  • Do not go to bed with wet hair, this can cause dread rot or mold.
  • Do not wax dreadlocks while wet, this can also cause dread rot or mold.
  • Do not feed your dreadlocks after midnight! 😉
  • Do not ever EVER cut anything in your dreads with scissors.

How long will it take to dread my hair?

Everyone is different. The length of time depends on how thick and long your hair is and what size dreads you would like. Generally anywhere from 3 to 6 hours.

Does getting dreads hurt?

Everyone is different. Some people are very sensitive, and others are not. There is pulling, so be prepared for a bit of discomfort.

I have little red bumps along my hairline, what are they and how do I get rid of them?

A very small percentage of people will experience what are known as stress bumps. These can occur when hair is pulled tightly on sensitive skin. To get rid of them, apply tea tree oil with a cotton pad or Q-tip.

String? What is string for, and why do I need it?

The string is actually upholstery thread that is tied very tightly around the root of your dreadlock. It helps you to grow your hair in a dreadlock. As your hair grows and naturally sheds, the shedded hair gets caught up behind the thread and forms a natural dread. When you come in for maintenance the old thread is removed and new ones are put in. They will match yoru hair and become pretty much imperceptible within a week or so.

What is maintenance and how often do I need it?

Dread Love encourages you to come in for your first maintenance within three months of getting your new dreads.

Maintenance involves strengthening and dreading the root, locking up all the loose hair that has grown, and removing the old string and installing a new one.

What’s the truth about waxing? I’ve read a lot of conflicting information regarding this and I’m scared!

Dread Love recommends light waxing using Knotty Boy’s Dread Wax regularly in the beginning. Once your dreads are mature, you will only need to wax them after maintenance.

Waxing is not completely necessary, but the people who wax their dreads properly in the beginning tend to have nicer, straighter dreads in the long run.

Waxing is only dangerous if you are using a low grade brand that has questionable ingredients or if you are waxing far too much. Never wax your dreads while they are wet.

What are ‘curly dreads’ and ‘dread perms’? Do they stay curly forever?

Curly dreads and dread perms are the same thing. It’s when dreadlocks are made by wrapping the hair around perm rods and using perm solution to create them. The result are curly dreads! It’s a fun and different way to start your locks, and they end up looking the same as regular dreadlocks that were made with a crochet hook in time. They do eventually straighten out after a few maintenances.

I’m balding, can I have dreads?

YES! Dread Love is the only dreadlock studio in Canada that can cover your bald spot with natural dreadlocks. You will have to come in for regular maintenance every few months or so to maintain them, however. See the balding gallery for examples!

Will my dreads ever break off or fall out? I’ve heard that that can happen.

If you come in for maintenance once in awhile, they should never break off. It would take years of neglect for dreads to break off.

I have fine/thick hair, can I still have dreads?

Absolutely, in fact sometimes fine hair is better for dreads, because you’ll finally have the volume you’ve always wanted!

How many dreads will I have?

This depends on how thick your hair is and what size dreads you want. If you want big fatty dreads, you will have less of them, if you want tiny thin dreads, you will have more. People have anywhere between 40 and 300! Though the average is around 50 to 80.

What does ‘tapered’ and ‘blunted’ mean?

Tapered ends are left loose for the last inch or so. It gives a softer look, and is a good way to start out if you are concerned about losing length. Your dreads can always be blunted at a later time.

Blunted ends are ends that are dreaded, folded up and rounded, it give a more solid look to your dreadlocks style.

How much shorter will my hair be when I dread it?

With Dread Love’s method, if you choose a tapered end, you won’t lose any length at all. If you choose blunted ends, you will lose some length, how much depends on how thick your hair is at the ends.

Can you tell the difference between dreadlock extenders and naturally long dreads?

Not at all. The hair is overlapped evenly with your hair, and would be colour matched perfectly. No one will know unless you tell them! Then they may not even believe you!

What are dreadlock extenders?

Dreadlock extenders are human hair natural dreadlocks extensions. They are installed in the studio using human hair and a crochet hook.

How long does my hair have to be to get dreaded?

I can dread hair as short as an inch and a half; you would have short, nubby, adorable baby dreads which will easily grow into long, strong grown-up dreads! Or extenders are always an option.

Will I have to shave my head when I don’t want them anymore?

No. Dreads can be combed out. You need a very good comb, a lot of hours and – if you’re lucky – a good friend to help! Always comb dreads out dry; not wet. Hair is much stronger when it is dry.

Is it true that the scalp becomes “self cleaning” after awhile?

Yes, in fact it is true! If you are constantly washing your hair, your body produces more sebum, (scalp oil) than if you are not constantly stripping it of its natural moisture. Once you decide to dread your hair, and stop constantly stripping away your natural oils, your scalp stops producing an overabundance.

How often do I wash my dreads?

This depends on how mature your dreadlocks are. If they are brand new, it’s best to not wash them too often, though everyone is different, and has different comfort levels.

How do you wash your hair when you have dreads?

Like everyone else of course! Though it’s best to wash your dreads in the shower in the morning, so that you have the entire day to dry.