Second ever Dread Love party!

The second ever Dread Love Party at Point Bar was a huge success!!!

I had the idea for these parties about a year ago when I did a photo shoot with eight of my clients. All had very different lifestyles, ethnicities and backgrounds. Their one commonality was dreadlocks. I was curious how the day would go because each person was so different. In the morning, everyone was a bit quiet, but as the day went on, I was delighted to see the smiles and hear the laughter in the room, everyone was having a blast and making friends! They were having conversations about dreadlocks, and also about their lives! The next day I noticed on Facebook that they had all added each other and were commenting and liking each other’s posts. The idea was born. I can help people. It’s very difficult to make friends as adults. As children, it’s easy, but as adults there are so few opportunities to form new friendship connections. I saw a way to fix this. The people that I invited to the parties already had two things in common, their love of dreads, and they knew me.

My clients have often shared with me that they can tend to be introverted. I also know that many dreadheads can find themselves alone in their dreadlock journey with no one to compare with, or talk to about their locks. Dreadheads don’t always know other dreadheads. With all the prejudices and judgements about the hairstyle and lifestyle, this can be very lonely. I decided to change that. Introverts, extroverts, dreadheads and dreadhead supporters all under one roof! It’s a truly magical thing! So many people came out to show support, many came alone, but everyone left with fuller hearts and new friends, not to mention some new hair tips! I’m doing my best to build a real life dreadlocks community! There are many online communities, so ever the rebel, I decided to go the uncommon route and get people together in the same place, in a safe space. Eye to eye contact has never been more important in this world. Defying social norms and coming to a gathering of like minded souls! I feel so blessed that I’m in a position to be able to do this. Oh and there are prizes, really cool prizes donated from different sources including Exploding Kittens from Snakes and Lattes!!! If you’re interested in attending a Dread Love Party, email me at or find me on Facebook at