Prices may vary and are subject to change. Please note that some services cannot be quoted accurately without a consultation. Consultations are always free.

New Dreadlocks

$100 per hour

Dread Extenders

$100 per hour + cost of hair.

Dread Maintenance and Repair

New Client: $100 per hour.
Repeat Client: $90 per hour.
Average time is approximately 2 hours.

Synth Dreads

$100 per hour + cost of hair.

Pet Dreads

$20 and up.

Bridging (dreadlock solutions for thin hair and baldness)

$120 per hour + cost of hair.

Dreadlock Integration System (semi-permanent integration piece for baldness)

By consultation.

Cancelations and Missed Appointments

Please email us if you are unable arrive at your appointment on time. Deposits are non-refundable but may be put towards a future appointment depending on the circumstance, provided adequate notice has been given.

Missed appointments without fair notice may also be subject to a missed appointment fee.