The Truth About Dreadlocks.

Krista working
Never before has there been a more controversial way to wear one’s hair. Dreadlocks are a way for people to look on the outside the way that they feel on the inside. Often when people decide that it’s time to lock their hair, it’s reflective of a personal journey. As the dreadlocks mature and reach their various stages and phases, so does the person, reaching checkpoints on theirs. What can sometimes begin as a fashion choice will soon become something far more beautiful and spiritual. People lock their hair for many reasons, and all of those reasons are as unique as each dreadlock on their head. And they are all right. Dreadlocks are not only for a specific religion or race; dreadlocks are for those who have been called to them. Dreadlocks transcend race, religion and politics. Dreadlocks are reflective of one’s soul, and everyone who wears them is worthy.